St.Joseph's Nursing Home, Mount Sackville


In our present situation here in Mount Sackville we are a retired community with the advantage of a nursing home facility attached enabling the transfer when necessary to nuring home care. Sisters presently in the Nursing Home lived in community for the greater part of their active lives and for whom Mount Sackville is home.

Other members of our Nursing Home are returned Missionaries who served in many different countries, West-Indies, Sierra-Leone, The Gambia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands and the United States as well as members of the UK home-land province includning Scotland and England.
Our home is open to visitors and it is a great surprise and joy for the unexpected visitors who casually call and are invited to dine with their loved ones.


A Praying Community
Our frail elderly Sisters like to keep to their routine of prayer commencing at 7.30 a.m. followed by breakfast in our dinning room. Many like to return to the Chapel at this time for quiet prayer. The ethos from our Foundress of work and prayer continues to live on and is very evident in the daily life of the Sisters, thus helping them have a balance in their daily actitivities which include many and varied services to each other and the communityat large.
The security of the large group instils an environment in which our elderly thrive. However, for those who may find a big group intimidating we also organise smaller groups where an active member is assigned to reporting updates, distributing newsletters etc. One sister 86 years old is very anthusiastic in sharing computer and e.mail skills enabling others to avail of these services in order to keep contact with their former missions. It is very energising facility for the sisters who share daily news and views related to their former mission.
  Once a week there is a most exhilarating evenign of Aromatherapy and Foot Massage. A member of another of our communities and an Angolan sister studying here render a most relaxing afternoon to thos who wish to avail of the service - a reflective musical background is provided whilst the therapists work and chat with each one. This ia a voluntary activity but appears to be so enjoyable as to attract a large number of sisters who never miss.

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