Girvan Community


The sisters came to Girvan in 1879 at the invitation of Fr. O’Shaughnessy to open a Primary school in the Parish. Some years later they opened a Secondary School which continued until June 1991.

Having always been involved with visitation of homes and the hospital the sisters today continue to visit the sick and the elderly. After the closure of the school this became the main apostolate.

Today the sisters are more involved in all parish ministries. One sister is activity leader in SPRED i.e. religious development for those with special needs. 

The sisters run a repository for the church, they co-ordinate the Associates meeting, attend a parish prayer meeting, and are represented on the Parish Council.

The sisters are sustained in their active apostolate by their prayer and community life, which entails daily Eucharist, prayer in common, meals together, communal relaxation and constant support for each other.

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