Pilgrim Walk


A pilgrim walk is sacred journey…..journey as a sacrament. We learned that a sacrament is ‘an outward sign of an inward and spiritual grace’. Our journey to historical religious sites is the outward part; our drawing closer to God is the inward part. We will not return the same as we were when we left. Pilgrims return from their journey with something good that will enrich their lives in the everyday world.

This is the understanding of the Pilgrim Walk as it is presented in the 50th. International Eucharistic Congress being celebrated in Ireland between June 10th.-17th. 2012.

The Dublin Archdiocese hosts the Congress. This diocese designed the Pilgrim Walk which design includes a visit to the seven designated Churches in the city – a quiet time of adoration in each Church and the praying of the Congress Prayer. The walk concludes with a visit to St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral where the Pilgrim receives a Pilgrimage Certificate and the last signing of the Pilgrims Passport. In total the walk takes approximately four hours and is about six kilometres.

Three of our Sisters (Sr. Ignatius, Sr. Dolores and Sr. Bridget) ‘walked the walk’ on Monday, June 4th.

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